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on tonight's feed frenzy. >> a weird decision, oprah has a higher net worth than many in the country, but a shop clerk that didn't recognize her apparently determined she just didn't have the cash for a pricey bag. oprah stopped into the shop. >> she said you don't want to see that one, you want to see this one, it will cost too much, you can't afford it. >> the billionaire says that shows even she can still be a victim of racism. the store's owner says it was just a misunderstanding. mile high club, talk about setting a high bar. they had a chance to go on a honey moon and break a world record? they were charged hundreds by the fiji airlines to break the highest numbers. when they landed they began
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all-expense paid honeymoons on the beautiful fiji islands. they will be tough to top. the envelope, please, the winner of our song of summer won by a landslide. did you vote for we can't stop? or can't hold us? maybe, but one tune drowned out all the others. blurred lines. almost impossible to listen to without a little shimmy and a shake. happy summer, everybody. thank you for watching abc news,
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in to prevent another bart strike as the agency and union negotiated late into the evening. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. sergio is live in oakland tonight with up to the mindy tails. sergio -- up to the minute details. sergio? >> the negotiators took a break at about 10:00 this evening, and they all say even though the governor has called for a court-ordered 60-day cooling off period, they are all still committed to hammering out a deal as soon as possible. negotiators took a break this evening with all sides saying they are committed to working through the weekend. >> from our standpoint we want to get this done. nobody wants to come back in 50 days or 55 days. >> we want to make sure bart is as committed as we are to averting a strike in 60-days in assisted of the night after tomorrow. >> earlier union leaders say they were not happy about govenor jerry brown's move to head off a strike on monday.
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>> we are hoping that that announcement will not throw additional cold water on what has been a very, very, very slow-moving day. >> to keep bart trains running y governor jerry brown's office filed papers in san francisco superior court calling for a court order even if talks are not settled this weekend. this is something bart management asked for to guarantee uninterrupted service on monday morning. >> rest assured there will be train service and it enables the transit agencies to not need a contingency plan. >> bart says they welcome a possible court order for a 60-day cooling off period. >> i think it is good that bart is not going on strike. that bart strike ruined my commute for a longtime. >> everyone wants to negotiate, but if bart strikes, then a lot of people in the bay area can't get to work at all. >> union leaders say their fear is bart management will
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just delay the process. >> the community wants a resolution to this conflict. it does not want it kicked down to october. >> they say the best way to keep trains running is to make a deal now. negotiations will resume tomorrow morning at 10:00. the hearing for the 60-day cooling off period is set for a san francisco judge on sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. reporting live in oakland, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. join us at an earlier time on monday morning for updates on your back to work community. kristen thomas and swris sten sze will be on the morning news. and we have assembled a range of resources at in case of a bart strike. for help navigating around traffic problems download our exclusive abc7 news traffic
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app for free on apple's app store or google play. developing news out of san francisco where three people be. it happened near 22nd and folsom in the city's mission district. one victim has life-threatening injuries and the other two are not seriously wounded. police got a call after a group of people fighting outside this liquor store. officers arrested one suspect. the investigation is on going and police say this is not gang-related. a major development in the search for a missing oakland mother. investigators discovered a body in the same area were searc were searching for sandra coke. now am ma joins -- ama joins us with the latest. >> the search began near the solano county fairgrounds in vallejo. they won't say what lead them to the park, but it lead them to a body. search crews discovered a female body in the unincorporated vacaville for
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sandra coke of oakland. the coroner has yet to id the body, but it was found in the search grid in a rural area across from lagoon valley park. coke was last seen on sunday evening with paroled sex offender alana. he was arrested on a parole violation. police are calling him a person of interest. coke's friends say she briefly dated alana more than 20 years ago. >> on the street where coke lives with her 15-year-old daughter, signs like these arep. jerry pitman lives next to coke and he has known her for 10 years aoping still hoping for the best. >> i just was hoping that she would be okay. >> she lives a few houses down. >> she comes down and we work on our bikes say say hi. >> their time together left a lasting impression. >> it is unfortunate. she is such a wonderful woman and so pleasant.
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she is a wonderful person to be around. >> even though the body found hasn't been identified, for now police tell us the search for sandra coke has wrapped up. abc7 news. and breaking news out of san diego where authorities have now confirmed the body that was discovered in a burned out home is 8-year-old ethan anderson, brother of a missing teenager. tonight authorities are searching the idaho will wilderness for james dimaggio. he is the man accused of killing ethan and his mother and then abducting hannah anderson, ethan's sister. here is the latest. >> police have cast their dragnet deep into the idaho wilderness. >> they are obviously camping in that area. >> 16-year-old hannah anderson was spotted with her alleged abductor, james dimaggio, a man on horseback came upon the two on foot in a vast, rugged area called the river of no return. >> they were spotted twice coming into the area and when they left they had backpacks
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on. >> dimaggio is a skilled woodsman accused of killing hannah's mother and eight-year-old brother ethan and then burning down the san diego home and kidnapping hannah. >> we should be optimistic she appeared to be in somewhat good health and alive on wednesday. >> authorities found dimaggio's blue nissan versa concealed in brush. he is at large in a 2.3 million acre preserve about 70 miles from boise. he is on familiar territory in the vast forbidding terrain. he may be prepared to hold out there. >> we know he did recently buy some camping equipment, tents and backpacks. >> police know they will be roughing it. >> on foot or on horseback you are not driving vehicles into that area. >> authorities think the 40-year-old may have had a crush on the teenager. >> if she is still alive and apparently two days ago she was, he may want to protect her. >> the case gave rise to an amber alert and manhunt. a plea came from hannah's
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father to dimaggio. >> i am begging you to let my daughter go. you have taken everything else. >>abc news. >> tonight in san diego friends and family of hannah held a candlelight vigil for the teenager. people say they were relieved to hear of hannah's possible sight ing. but they are very concerned about her safety. 11 ground search teams and a helicopter are looking for a missing marin county woman. 65-year-old johnny gene daniel was supposed to begin hiking at sequoia national park on sunday and expected to return to her home in san rafael on monday. they believe she was hiking along the saw tooth trail area and her family describe her as an experienced hiker. >> we now know why police opened fire and killed a male in sunnyvale. the man was armed with a nine-inch blade and charged at them. it happened on san pedro avenue. police went to the home after the man called 9-1-1 after
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saying he just killed someone. apparently he had. the body believed to be ease his estranged wife was inside the house and their identities were not released. >> tonight governor brown is going to the u.s. supreme court for prison over crowding. he has asked the justices to return a lower court ruling that asks them to cut their population by 10,000. brown contends that violent felons will have to be set free if the order is followed. new details to a story we first brought you at 5:00. four firefighters are recovering after being hurt while battling a fire on treasure island. sky 7hd was over the scene as flames and smoke worked their way to the roof of the empty building located on e avenue near 9th street. fire officials say the blaze ste building and it took crews about 90 minutes to bring it under control. one of the firefighters was hurt in a fall. it is not clear how the other three were injured, but none of the injuries are
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dangerous. now more on the wildfire in riverside county. some of the evacuation orders have been lifted, but hundreds are not being allowed back into their homes. the fire has burned 18,000 acres and destroyed 26 homes. it is now 40% contained. tonight governor brown declared a state of emergency for the area and freeing up additional funds and resources for the firefight and then the recovery. another wildfire is burning north of los angeles in the santa clarita valley. it burned 80 acres and destroyed one building. firefighters are concerned because the fire is burning close to power lines. the fire is just south of where the 30,000-acre power house fire as it was called burned back in may. a deadly plane crash. next, we have late-breaking details out of connecticut and why authorities believe there may be even more bodies beneath this wreckage. >> plus the warning sirens that are supposed to protect you in san mateo county are
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not working. what the county is doing to keep people safe. >> and with rent prices soaring nationwide, people are having a hard time to find a place to live. what one man did to guarantee he will always have a place to call his own. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. low clouds are regrouping as you can see. i will have a look at your weekend weather forecast and the wake up weather as well. and we will talk ab
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as six people are dead after a small plane crashed into two homes in connecticut. the prop plane went down near an airport in new haven as it
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tried to land this afternoon. the bodies of the victims have not yet been recovered because of the fire and the houses where this plane crashed are now unstable. one of the houses was empty, but authorities believe two small children in the other house were killed. acco according to the new york times, a former microsoft executive was piloting the plane and taking his 17-year-old son to visit college campuses. new at 11:00, most of the tsunami warning sirens don't work. the county discovered five of eight sirens are broken. those sirens are supposed to provide tsunami warnings around roughly 30 miles of coastline. the county officials say will sy and should be finished by early september. extra police and sheriff deputies will be on happened to alert -- will be on hand to alert the public. text alerts and e-mails and telephone warnings will be used in case of emergency. well, parents and fans are absolutely over the moon tonight in belmont as the
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city's little league allstars moved one step closer to the world series. a viewing party was held at the high school. the belmont redwood stores allstars took on their counterparts from arizona. the belmont people was undefeated going into tonight's game and they pulled off an 8-2 win. larry will come along a little later on in sports with all of the highlights. thousands of people in san francisco rocked out tonight at the opening of the outside lands music and art festival. the chilly weather didn't stop people from streaming into golden gate park. the headliner, sir paul mccartney. 27 other musical acts took the stages. saturday's headliner is nine inch nails. but don't go there expecting a ticket. the festival is soldout. there are otherons this options this weekend. san jose is celebrating the first hours of the summer jazzfest tonight. this year the city brought the stage venue closer together to make the three-day event more walkable.
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the music won't be only jazz. big band to salsa will be featured. 122 acts and a thousand musicians will entertain thiswe. >> that's impressive. three people from sunnyvale have come forward to claim therapies of a powerball prize. all arers who pooled co-workersd $60 of their money and bought 30 tickets at lakewood shell. they came up with -- they came up one number short of the $448 million jackpot. still the three will split more than $289,000. pretty good investment. they plan to use the money to payoff mortgages and take well deserved vacations. you can watch a lottery story play out on abc success new drama "lucky 7". it follows seven gas station employees in queens, new york who have been chipping into a lottery pool for years and never thinking they will win. "lucky 7" premieres tuesday, september 24th, here on abc7. it is august and that means meteor showers.
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the perseid shower will light up the sky and you may be able to spot a few tonight. there will be lots of shooting stars to see, about 70 meteors an hour. the best viewing from midnight to dawn. if you can see the seven stars of the big dipper, that means there is enough darkness to watch the perseid meteor shower. >> i wish it looked like that. i always feel like i never see them. >> it is hard to get a glimpse of them. >> and the question is will you be able to tonight and over the weekend? >> you will have to go well inland tonight. antioch or livermore and do it fast. the low clouds are already in concord and soon livermore will be socked in. you will have a better chance of seeing the perseid meteor showers at their peak on monday and tuesday as we have changing weather. as we look at live doppler hd we have a deep marine layer and it is about 5 miles at half moon bay. drizzle being reported there. watch out tomorrow morning. if you have early plans it
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will be damp on the roadways. looking back toward emeryville and san francisco, overcast skies right now. 57 degrees and it is still pretty mild from oakland to san jose and down toward los gatos in the low 60s. as you look at the view from our kgo camera, coit tower is surrounded by the low clouds. the temperatures in the north bay, napa 55 and santa rosa, novato 57. it is currently 60 in livermore. here is the view from the explore for yum camera. you can see the fog around the financial district. thl start out with clouds, fog and drizzle. mostly sunny and mild tomorrow afternoon. warming back to normal. you are not seeing things. warming back to normal and nineties are showing up in the accu-weather seven-day forecast. here is why changes are coming. area of low pressure is finally starting to lift up to the north. and the computer animation will show you what will happen over the weekend. the area of low pressure will
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continue northward. by saturday ap. afternoon highs are a little warmer in most areas. the sun will be out with a few lingering low clouds near the coast. but that's about it. it will be drizzly especially along the coast like it is right now in half moon bay. prepare accordingly. you may need the extra layer. 76 in san jose in the south bay. 80 los gatos and 73 santa cruz. a beautiful day on the peninsula. redwood city, 60 degrees in pacifica and you will see the lingering clouds like daly city. 60 -- 66 in downtown san francisco. mid70s for santa rosa and novato and napa and vallejo. mild and breezy and 70 in oakland and 72 in union city. you will be in the low to mid80s. 81 in walnut creek. as you check out the forecast as the outside lands music festival continues at golden gate park, 58 at noontime and
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sunny breaks in the afternoon. mid50s in the evening hours. you might want to grab a sweatshirt or jacket. if you are head together giants game as they take on the oriels, good looking weather, mostly sunny and mid f thew 60s an and mid accu-weather seven-day forecast, warming up some more on sunday, but look at the monday through thursday time period. mid60s coast and low 90s inland. carolyn and dan, the microclimates are coming back. >> let's talk little league baseball and our local team. >> lots to talk about. larry beil is here. >> they are great from belmont. and josh reddic has done somethin
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on to the championship game for the belmont redwood shores little leaguers are one win away from the world series in williamsport. the west regional semifinal after a shop lee leadoff triple. he comes home and there is no play and it is 1-0 belmont. they explode in the fifth with five runs. bases loaded double and two runs score. 5-0 and moms are happy. a few batters later and nicholas lopez and belmont rolled 8-1 and will face southern california, a team they already beat in the finals. that's tomorrow night. to the big's a's and jay's and the top of the cian tower. welcome to the josh red duck show. here it comes and there it goes in the third and then in the fifth and another time in the 6th.
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number 6, 7, 8 of the year and first three-homer game since 2004. five homers for the a's who wins it, but texas wins as well and they are still in a tie for first. ryan vogel song coming back and hello. welcome back. 2-0 and he goes six inning striking out four. giants couldn't do anything until this in the 6th. brandon belt and aloha. the deepest part of the yard. his 13th and 2-1 orioles and then the giants rally in the 9th and base hit and brandon belt scored and it is tied at two. davis haves a fantastic season. two out and stwo on and doubles to the gap off lopez and both men score. o's win it 5-2. majors are supposed to be supreme tests of golf skills. not this pga championship. if you are not under par
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something is wrong. adam scott with a spectacular birdie. he is 7 under along with matt could you where. he has never won a major. he has a 7 under 63. this is for eagle. nine under par and tiger two over and one back. raiders beat the cowboys in their pre-season opener. the nfl will not let us run highlights because this game is being seen on tape delay. wait until i call the commissioner and give him a piece of my mind about this. matt flynn lead the team to an early field goal. pryor had nice moments, but threw a pick in the end zone. abc sports brought to you by river rock caw casino. >> thanks, larry. >> a real man's
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up weather. it will be drizzly in spots tomorrow morning with the low fog and light winds. the temperatures in the low to upper 50s at 5:00 a.m. mid50s to the low 60s. lisa argen is here at 5:00. >> thanks. >> it is finally here. new york city is filled with small apartments that go for big bucks. >> one designer decided to take small to a new level. >> gregory cohen bought a dumpster to stay in while in the big apple, but nobody wants to stay in an ordinary trashcan so he installed a kitchen, bathroom, bed and sun deck. >> there is a tank for drinking water and small stove and there is a mini bar in case he wants to entertain guests. >> it is in the red park area of brooklyn, but in case he
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wants to move he put on wheels. he thought of everything. joy somehow i doubt -- >> somehow i doubt that is legal. >> will catch on. >> women find that attractive. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. the news continues on-line and on twitter and the mobile devices with the abc7 news app. >> we appreciate your time and hope you have a great weekend.
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previously on live big with ali vincent. so mom and i are spending a lot of time together doing things we've never done before. we've gone hiking, bull riding, even archery.
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